healing from past relationships
A 7-week course designed to help you move on from past relationships that are holding you back, so you can make room for something real and lasting.
It's time to let go of attachment to a relationship, heal your heart, and create a REAL relationship.
There are 7 modules for this course. 

Each module is part of a strategically laid plan to help you overcome the grieving process and start to be your best self.
I should warn you though, this isn't a one size fits all strategy. You have to do the work, and be open to heal. If you are ready to re-discover what you have to offer the world, listen to your intuition and click the button below!
Hey Meditator,

Here's my short bio...

At 16, after reading a book on meditation (that my brother forced me to read), something in my consciousness shifted - I had a certain kind of awakening to my true nature outside of the ruminating mind.

I began meditating deeply, and studying a variety of meditative traditions.

I continued meditating through college, and a few weeks after I graduated Rutgers University I moved to Spain, and then India, to live in the Himalayas and deepen my practice.

After losing a fair amount of weight, shaving my head, and living in ashrams with books stacked to the ceiling on every meditation and spiritual tradition I could find, I picked up and moved to Hawaii to study the intuitive and healing arts, where I eventually became the director of an intuitive training and healing center.

Ok, so not the most ordinary path.

As I began teaching I creating my own style - connecting energy awareness, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor (just look at my face), to create a safe atmosphere for learning meditation.

During this process I found myself moving through a number of relationships, and found deep grief in heartbreak and loss. I thought I was so advanced as a meditator, but all it took was the loss of a relationship to crush me like a little cookie (not sure why the cookie is little).
It took me years of heartache and struggle to get over some of my relationships, and I new there had to be a better, faster way. I began using my meditation tools and developing strategies for my students and I to get through attachment to old relationships.
I don't pretend this is an easy process because it's not, but it is necessary if you want to heal, and create another relationship.

I've worked with thousands of students, and many of them on this topic.
Hope you come on the journey with men and learn to love yourself in the process.
-David Gandelman
Here's how it works...
In each module you'll receive new video lessons, meditations, and writing prompts that will walk you through the healing process, and help you get out of the energy you've been in, and into creating something real.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you can expect with this course:
  • 2 - 60-minute pre-recorded webinars with David 
  •  16 high quality 1080-HD video lessons to help you transform the hurt into love again.
  •  14 Meditation Videos to get you through each phase of grieving and healing.
  •   7 Writing Prompts to flush out how you feel, and process the energy in a healthy way
  •  Access the course through the Teachable app.
  •  Lifetime access to the course and any future add ons
  •  Download all the lessons to keep forever and use offline.
  •  Support when you are moving through this delicate process.
This program is usually $249 but today I'm offering it for just $99 to give you a kick start!
See what others are experiencing...
Life Changing

"David's work has completely changed the course of my life in an incredible way. He has helped me understand who I am and where I came from. He has guided me in realizing the things in my life that are keeping me stuck and unfulfilled, and then he has given me the tools and confidence to go out and conquer my destiny. He has changed the way I relate to myself and after talking to him I feel so much relief, freedom, and clarity. David is a true gift."
Julia S.
A Bright Light

"I first learned of David through his guided meditations on Insight Timer. Life repeatedly pointed me back to his work. Somehow, he cracked into the cocoon of grief I had been hiding in for a while. The small spark he ignited has helped move me to find my own answers, my own truth, while undergoing a transformation in full color. I whole-heartedly recommend any seeker his way. A joyful light surrounds him, you're sure to feel it."
Rachel Marie
A Profound Feeling of Wellness

"David Gandelman is insightful, articulate, and generous with his communication. His humor is infectious. I always walk away  from his class with a smile on my face and a profound feeling of wellness. I am grateful that there are teachers and healers of his caliber."
Stephen Sanders
It's time to get off your ass, sit down, meditate, and move that stuckness so you can create a real relationship !
So, what happens after 7 modules?
At the end of the modules, which should take you 7 weeks (but feel free to finish it faster), expect to feel less self-doubt, less depressed, less stuck, less paralyzing heartache, and more aware of the possibility of finding love again, and being happy.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes of course. If the material doesn't resonate with you, I will give you your money back. Promise. You'll have 60 days.
What’s next?
If you are ready to commit to adjusting back into a life of fulfillment and happiness, then come take the next step and sign up for the course. Do it for yourself... no one else is going to do it for you! Really, if it doesn't work for you it's on me.
You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
How long is the course?
The course is 7 modules long, with at least 4 videos per module, ranging from 5 minute - 20 minutes per video.

What if I've never meditated before?
The meditations are clearly guided with no prior experience required. We sit still, visualize, process emotion, learn to see energy, and release.

What if I feel totally stuck like nothing helps?
Shoot me an email and we'll talk about it. Also, sit longer and more often in meditation and do the course again to see if something shifts. You own it forever.

How long are the meditations?
The meditations are 5 - 20 minutes long each.

Do I have to do it in 7 weeks?
You can do it as fast as you like, but giving yourself time between each module to write and process is helpful.

What if I want one-to-one time with David?
Send me a message and see if I am available to help.
You deserve to feel amazing.
What this program usually costs: $249

The cost of this program if you sign up today: $99


Value of feeling like yourself again: Priceless
healing from past relationships
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